Every human being is bound to confront with problems in his life at some point of time in their life. At times there would be reason for that and many a time there wouldn’t be one with a proper reason. Under such circumstance, in order to overcome the misery, men from time to time used to seek the divine blessings or guidelines from astrological science. Generally, People do get solutions and results out of it.

As far as I understood History, almost every ruler in our land had several learned men  and scholars in their courts, who provided crucial guidelines at the time of battle, farming, trade, building of temples and bridges and also in every sphere of administration. There were innumerable rulers who found victory and progress on the advise and guidelines of these scholars.

By taking into account  the contributions of such (Astrological) Scholars, we have to believe that the planets have a sort of impact on human beings.

Since last five years, I have been very deep into Astrological Science. I have visited innumerable astrological centers who were practicing different types of astrology. There are several branches of astrology. Naadi astrology is one among them. Naadi Astrology got its own magnitude among other astrology.

In order to know more and more about Naadi Astrology I made frequent visit to Naadi Astrologer S.K. Aravinda saamy at Pallavaram in Chennai. I have got satisfactory solutions and answers from him for all my doubts and dilemmas .

Afterwards, I myself have taken more than hundred individuals to his center. All of them have benefited out of this astrological science.

The history of Naadi Astrology dates backs to thousands of years . The rishi’s and sage’s such as Agasthiya, Vashishta, Viswamithra who lived 1000’s of years ago inscribed  about natural medicines, astrology, sastras etc on rocks, on the bark of trees and on leaves (PALM Leaves)etc for the benefit of future generation of mankind. The followers and disciples of these rishis and sages over a period of time reviewed and developed these scriptures, sastras for the sake of mankind. Naadi Astrology is one among such “sastras”. This astrological art form is scripted in palm leaves. In every century copies will be made from the earlier scripts by seasoning and refining it to suit the time. I assume that the palm leaves which is in vogue are perhaps, copied in the 18th or 19th century from the earlier scripts in order to preserve it. It is better you all experience the wonder of Naadi Astrology in person than I say more. What I said is as little as a tiny drop in the vast ocean.

You can not only experience Vashishta Naadi Reading, but you can also experience Mahashiva Naadi, Agashthiya Naadi , Nandi Naadi  reading by SWAMI S.K.ARAVINDA SAAMY.

I wish you all success.

                                                                                                                          Wing Commander RAKESH NANDA.


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