List of Kandams

  1. To be found out through thumb impression(gent's right thumb print & lady's left thumb print) or horoscope of the person concerned. Will contain name, parent’s names, present details of profession, about brothers, sisters, children, wife and gist of future predictions for all 12 houses.

  2. Regarding money, eyes, family, education and  speech.
  1. Prediction about brothers and sisters, affection , help and ill-feeling between self and siblings, also about ears, courtage, house hold utensils.
  1. Predictions about mother, house, vehicles, lands and pleasures.
  1. Regarding children their birth, death, reason for not having children, adoption and remedial measures for having children, future lives of the children.
  1. About diseases, debts, enemies, cases and remedial measures for avoidance.
  1. About time of marriage, direction, distance, name, lagnam, planetary position of the bride or bridegroom and future life with spouse.
  1. About longevity, accident, danger to life. Age, month, date, day, time, star, lagnam and place of death.
  1. With regard to father, wealth, pilgrimage, fortune, preaching through holy men and virtues involvement.
  1. Regarding profession, with regard to job or business, change of place, Positives and negatives in profession.
  1. Regarding profit and second marriage.
  1. About expenditure, foreign visit, next birth and attainment of salvation.
  1. SANTHIPARIHARAM: About last birth, sins committed, remedial measures for getting rid of evil effect of past birth sins.
  1. DEEKSHAI KANDAM: About manthra jebam, wearing of  rakshai (Talisman) for avoidance of troubles from enemies and evil effects.
  1. AVUDATHA KANDAM: Medicines for long standing diseases and method of taking them.
  1. DISABUKTHI KANDAM: Predictions for the running Disa Bukthi (major & sub period).

Note:  Other than the above Kandams there are GNANAKANDAM, PRASNAKANDAM, DISABUKTHI CHITTHIRAM and MAHASIVA VAKKIYAM available.

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